Can I Wash My Car After Windshield Replacement?

We recommend that you wait for at least 24 hours after the windshield replacement if you want to wash your car.

During the installation of a windshield, it’s attached to an adhesive resulting in a permanent mold of the windshield to the vehicle’s frame. The glass is also surrounded with a rubber seal to enable it to withstand impacts.

Factors that affect when you should wash your car after replacement

You need to allow the sealant time to secure itself to the windshield. You need to avoid putting any kind of pressure on the windshield. Wind friction will not harm the sealant but direct water pressure will.

When you take your car through a car wash, you are putting the sealant at risk. It is highly likely that the water pressure will come into contact with the windshield and can cause damage to the sealant.

If you really need to wash your car within 24 hours after getting your windshield repaired or replaced, get a manually hand wash.