What is Windex?

Windex is commercial cleaner used as a glass and hard-surface cleaner. Today, Windex products are used to clean most if not all glass surfaces in homes.

Windex is does not work the same as cleaning the inside of your windshield as it is in cleaning other glass surfaces.

Windex products contain ammonia. Ammonia is very harmful for cars. While this is an important chemical is cleaning regular windows and mirrors, it is not good for your windshields.

Windex is not recommended for use on the inside of your windshields because:

  1. The ammonia it contains leaves streaks on auto glass. This creates a glare while you drive, possibly making it difficult for you to drive comfortably
  2. Ammonia is harmful for tinted windows. As a matter of fact, it can ruin tinted windows. In the long run, the ammonia will cause the tint to peel off.
  3. Ammonia dries out the plastic and rubber parts of the windshield which can become loose and detach from the windshield.

Stay away from any ammonia-based products for your car windows and windshield.

Alternative windshield washing products to use:

  • Armor All Glass Cleaner
  • Mothers Glass Cleaner
  • Rain –X Automotive Glass Cleaner
  • Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

In conclusion, ammonia-based cleaners like Windex are not good for cleaning the inside of your windshield. Go for the safer alternatives which can be found in auto glass repair shops.