Can Auto Glass Be Polished?

Yes. You can polish auto glass. It’s common to get a rock chip or scratch in your windshield. You can either buy a window polish kit and watch some videos and do it yourself or you can hire a professional window service to polish the glass for you.

Some Of The Best Auto Glass Buffing Polish & Tools

Below is a list of some of the best auto glass polish repair kits and powders, as seen on Pro Car Reviews

What is Auto Glass Polish?

Auto glass polish restores windshield cracks and scratches in the glass.

Hand polishing is effective at removing mild water spots but use rotary or an orbital polisher and a glass buffing pad to remove widespread, severe water spots or light scratches.

Glass PolishSpecialtyType
GP21005 Glass DIY KitWindshield Scratch RepairCutting Compound
Duragloss 755Water SpotsLow Strength Polish
Griot’s Garage 11017Water Spots & Road FilmMid Strength Polish
3D EraserWater SpotsLow Strength Polish
Krittapas IntertradeWindshield Scratch RepairCerium Oxide Powder

Why Should Auto Window Glass Be Polished?

Repairing a scratch on your car window can be done by glass polish.  Polish leaves glass crystal clear and sparkling. Use polish to restore the glass to almost brand new condition.

Auto glass polish can remove…

  • Mild Wiper Blade Damage
  • Surface Marks
  • Most Scuffs
  • Water Marks
  • Tree Sap
  • Lime Scale
  • Residue From Acid Rain
  • Tiny Pinhole Pits

… and also polishes away any really fine wiper blade scratches.