Can A New Windshield Get Wet?

Getting Your Windshield Wet After Replacement

Most auto glass repair companies will tell you not to wash your car for at least 24 hours after a windshield replacement. Sometimes you may be told to wait for up to three days, depending on the weather. In Arizona, the weather is almost always nice. Waiting up to 3 days is usually due to stormy or freezing weather.

Avoid High Pressure Car Washes

High pressure car washes are not good because they put the sealant used in adhering the windshield to the car at risk. When water at high pressure or parts of an automatic car wash come into contact with your windshield, you may have to go back to the repair shop to get it fixed again.  The water interferes with the curing and drying process of the sealant.

If you need to wash your car, do a manual hand wash.

When It’s Raining

If it’s raining, your windshield will not be replaced in rainy conditions unless in a sheltered environment in order to protect the vehicle’s interior and the technicians from getting wet.

Heavy rain that can make your windshield wet is not as harmful as a high pressure wash because it doesn’t carry the force a car wash or a water hose has.

Don’t do high pressure washing until after 24 hours. But it can get wet from contact with the rain.