BMW Details Plan For Fully Automated Driving By 2021

BMW Details Plan For Fully Automated Driving By 2021

The iNext vehicle will feature Level 3 autonomy.

As we have already reported, BMW is joining forces with Mobileye and Intel to work on autonomous technologies set to be used in future production models of the brand. The first to feature such systems will arrive in 2021.

It’s going to be called the iNext and will be capable of Level 4 and 5 of autonomy. At this point, it’s very hard to predict whether or not this will be аpplicable in real-life road conditions, because it depends on a number of external factors.

To achieve its goals in timely manner, BMW will launch a fleet of 40 highly automated or fully autonomous 7 Series test vehicles by the end of the year. Test drives will take place on public roads, the Bavarian company says, and focus on two main types of use: driving without oncoming traffic (motorways) and driving in city center environments.

The public roads of USA, Israel, and Germany will be used for the tests – the home countries of Intel, Mobileye, and BMW.

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