Auto Glass Insurance Deductibles In Arizona

In an article by January 23, 2017, the AZ Capitol Times news website mentions about how insurance companies in Arizona may start charging a deductible for auto glass claims.

Rock-shattered windshields are such a common occurrence on Arizona roads that insurance companies have long been required to replace broken glass for free to drivers with full coverage policies.

It ends up being a big expense to insurance companies that have to pay all the claims, and now they want to eliminate the requirement.

Legislation sponsored by Republican Sen. Karen Fann of Prescott removes the decades-old requirement that insurers offer zero-deductible glass replacement. Instead, Senate Bill 1169 lets insurers charge a deductible for glass repair.

It is the latest effort by the insurance industry that targets auto glass repair companies. Auto glass replacement firms are everywhere in the state because of the high rate of breakage due to heat and rocks and guaranteed free replacement.

Arizona Auto Glass Association President Rex Altree said Monday that drivers will forego fixing cracked windshields that are safety hazard if the bill passes. He also says hundreds of companies could go out of business, and it could costs thousands of jobs.



The insurance industry tried and failed last year to get the Legislature to ban rebates to consumers from auto glass companies and put in place other new regulations.


We will see what happens in 2018…