Hyundai Entourage Phoenix Auto Glass & Rock Chip Repair

Need a new window or rock chip repaired on your Hyundai Entourage? We will replace or repair your window for all models of Hyundai Entourage vehicles, from 2007-2009, for one year after for FREE, even if it’s from a separate glass incident not related to the first time.

We will not ever use cheap gimmicks to trap people into paying higher prices when it comes time to pay. We provide honest service with fair prices.

What’s The Cost On A Hyundai Entourage Replacement Windshield?

  • Between $150 – $330 for Hyundai windshields.

Depending on if it’s a crack or chip, or window, mirror, back or front windshield, it can range in cost. Call 602-892-0202 for a closer estimate.

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    Auto Glass and Rock Chip Repair for Hyundai Entourage in Phoenix

    What About Glass Insurance Coverage? Should I Use It?

    Insurance can usually cover it if you have glass coverage. However due to having to submit a claim and the lost cost of the replacement, many people opt for the cash option.

    If you need to have your auto glass repaired or replaced, the Phoenix, AZ law (ARS 20-469) allows you to choose the company that works on your car.

    Can You Get Ticketed in Phoenix For A Cracked Windshield?

    Can the Phoenix police ticket you for having a cracked windshield or window? The answer is yes. There are some general specifications on what constitutes the need for getting a ticket though.

    In Phoenix a police officer can give you a ticket if the crack is judged to be impairing your range of sight, thus causing unnecessary increased risk to yourself and other people. Read more about this here.

    Hyundai Entourage & Other Glass Repair Reviews From Our Phoenix Customers

    About The Hyundai Entourage

    The Kia Carnival is a minivan manufactured by Kia Motors, introduced in September 1998, marketed globally under various nameplates–prominently as the Kia Sedona is currently in its third generation. In North America, a rebadged variant known as the Hyundai Entourage was sold from 2007–2009. Unlike the Carnival, the Entourage was never a sales success, and in April 2009, the Entourage was discontinued for the 2010 model year.