By 2035, 21 Million Self-Driving Cars Could Be On The Road

Daron Gifford – Contributing Writer at Biz Journals said this..

For some, the traditional, gas-powered car, particularly those priced at the high end, will remain a status symbol or a piece of art, for some time.

Utilitarian electric vehicles and computerized autonomy will slowly overtake emotional attachment to the combustion engines and hands-on-the-wheel experience, most notably, at least in the beginning, in urban environments and with younger people.

Indeed, numerous production launches of self-driving cars are being projected for 2021 to 2025. By 2035, 21 million self-driving cars could be on the road in the United States.

Adoption still will be a struggle, however, because people aren’t going to trust a machine to drive them and their loved ones around. The first step to public adoption will utilize some type of geo-fencing, as autonomous and traditional cars don’t mix well on the road. Cities will partition their traffic grid, so autonomous-only vehicles can use a section.

Jetsons-like flying cars are already on some drawing boards. Airbus in Europe has already announced plans for a prototype to fly in 2018.

Transportation will be changing dramatically. I don’t know how soon all or any of this will happen, but I am excited about the future and all the challenges that will come.

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